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I'm forteen years old and am a Freshman in Oregon.

I enjoy listening to clasical music and sound tracks. I kind of play the violin, although I'm not that great, but I'm much better at the piano.

I like to read,and read, and read, and listen to music, and read, and hey, guess what? Read!

I've known The Lord of the Rings for a couple of years. Summer of 2008 my sister was watching the Trilogy, all three in one day, not extended, and I came down and watched about half the second and all the third movies, and then after that day, until about Thanksgiving, I blocked everything LOTR related from my world. On Black Friday, I watched the entire trilogy, and then, since it was a five day weekend, I read the trilogy too. Then I watched almost all the movies, almost every weekend I had the upstairs TV until the last weekend of spring break 2009.

And now, I'm addicted.

I am going to start posting some writing assignments from my language arts classes, and I will try to mark them, just forewarning. Please review.

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