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Goodday to you all,

I'm here because I have Tolkiens work and also because I love to write. I do tend to write about things most people just would not even think about writing about, I blame it on my history of roleplaying.

Momentarily I'm writing a story about the lands surrounding Mordor from every side but the west one; Harad, Umbar, Khand and Rhûn. I stick as much to the book-verse as I can, but I have a lot of room to fill in with my own thoughts and fantasies about those lands, so I will. I'll keep it believable, I'll keep it Middle-Earth, but that's all I can promise ;)

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Series by Lyrical Heretic

Set in the distant reaches of Middle-Earth. places hardly any men west of Mordor can tell you about. The stories of Harad, Umbar, Khand and Rhûn. Stories set under different stars and from a different point of view. We follow a young Haradrim and his friend, an old travelling merchant.

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