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Welcome to the home of The Protege, an on-going AU series featuring Legolas and Glorfindel. The stories should be read in the following order:

The Protege

Arcane Land

Warning: This series is essentially slash, although does contain some het, so please make sure you read the warnings, as some chapters are very explicit.

And now out, book two of the series entitled "Arcane Land".

Unless otherwise stated, my wonderful beta reader is Mindirith.

Image: Glorfindel and Legaelair.
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Please note that I am slowly removing my work from this site. The only reason is the apparent lack of interest that readers have in reviewing. Great read counts, no feedback makes for poor motivation. You can find all my works on a great place where great writers read AND review.

I would, however, like to thank those of you that have taken the time to comment, it makes it all worthwhile, thank you, truly.

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Series by Alpha Ori
Summary: From the depths of the Greenwood, a warrior prince rises to power and glory, chosen as the catalyst that will mark the end of an age. Follow Legolas, the Protege, as he walks the path of destiny, finding love along the way.
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