Penname: GuilelessAesthete [Contact] Real name: Tiffany
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Let me start with an explanation of my penname:
Guileless: lacking in guile; innocent and without deception
Aesthete: a person who has a special appreciation for art and beauty
This explains my view on life almost exactly. I try to go through life without biases and be open to almost everything and experience it before I judge. I love all things beautiful and meaningful, and I do not care how cliched that sounds.

I obviously write Lord of the Rings fanfiction. Some of the first things that I ever wrote were fanfictions. I have old notebooks hidden in the back of my closet that have the beginnings to my very first Legolas story (and no matter how much you beg, it will never see the light of day because it is terrible). I also write Harry Potter fanfiction, focusing mostly on Sirius Black because, let's face it, Gary Oldman is a sexy beast.

I am writer by trade. I'm going to college to become a writer, so I'd like to think I'm pretty good at this whole business (though I'm no where near perfect).

My favorite Lord of the Rings character is definitely Aragorn, though I do not like to write about him very much. I'm too fond of creating my own characters to write anything that would split up the perfect Aragorn/Arwen romance. And plus, Prof. Tolkien did such a good job, so I don't need to add to that. I've recently become attached to Eomer and Haldir, because I'm a sucker for a man without much development. My least favorite character has got to be Denethor, because that guy just makes me want to kill puppies (not literally, but proverbially). My favorite pairing is anyone with a good OC. I'm a sucker for awesome original characters with good story arcs, and good character development. My least favorite pairing has to be Aragorn/Legolas slash. I'm not big into slash (writing or reading it), and I just don't see Aragorn getting together in any world, real or imagined. There's just too much respect there. But I'm going to stop before I go off on a tangent.
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