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Summary: Ewalynn Mist is a 17- years old girl from London. Her mother loved The Lord of the Rings trilogy as she was young, and that way Ewalynn is very intrested in the books. When she grows up to a teenager, she becomes a real Tolkien-fan and wants to know everything about him. So she visits his house. Ant not legally. She breaks into his house where he used to live. She thinks it's just a bit of intresting, and fun, until she finds something truly shocking. Tolkien didn't create Middle Earth. Middle Earth exists.

Tolkien travelled to different ages of Middle Earth, talked to people and took writings, and most importently; There and back again by Bilbo baggins and The Lord of the Rings, by Frodo Baggins. There it begins. Ewalynn travels into the middle of everything; and meets Frodo. How does the story change as she is there?
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