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Name: Natalie


Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Dark Blonde

Skin Tone: Very Pale...almost vampire-like if your will...jk

Status: Very Very VERY Single...seeking mate

Gender Preference: Boys really
Alexei: I love spending my time with my black cat who is a year old . His name is Alexei (after the last tsarevich of Russia) but he also goes by Alex, P.T flea (of just P.T), Dr. Evil, Evil Genius (or E.G for short) Prof. Dumbass (pronounced Doom-ahs), Ass-wipe (pronounced Ahs-weep-pay), You-Know Who, Voldemort, Tom Riddle, Steve Leopard, Stretch, Stinky, The Dark Lord, my little tsarevich (used by my blind mother eyes only) my little prince (used by my blind mother eyes only) Mr.snuggles (used by my blind mother eyes only) and most recently, the Murderer (he killed a baby bluebird gasp) and Mr.Shrewman (he kills Shrews and brings him inside)

Loves: Harry Potter, Darren Shan Saga, The Office, Supernatural, Moonlight (new show!), LOTR, and Louisa May Alcott. I also love writing (DUH!) acting, singing, daydreaming, boys, eating junk food, sleeping, being crazy, driving others crazy with my sexual innuendos, flirting, and of course...writing.

Stuff (not fanfiction) that I'm writing: I'm writing a musical now called, "Impulse City" it's driving me crazy because it's so hard. Also...a story called "Veiled Illusions of the Heart"'s on screenname is "Veiled in a Dream".

Me: I am insane, witty, a little sarcastic, flirtatious, charismatic, dramatic, outspoken, fearless(in social situations), and fearful(in almost every other situation. I also get frightened or disturbed easily. I still don't know why I take so much pleasure in Horror movies and books though. I do my Horror reading in secret. I am seemingly the more docile sister or the prissy one out of my three sisters. My older sister frets over work and is VERY immature and self-centered, my youngest sister is sporty and the horror film lover...and I'm the reader, writer...and romantic one. When we used to go to Grandma's house often, Hilary would pout or beg for new clothes, Claire would be outside climbing her tree...trying to hurt herself in some way...and I...would be making weak tea for my Grandma in my special green teapot she bought me. I also might have been helping in the kitchen...I'm not a good cook...but I make really great tea's stronger now!

If you think that those god-for-saken kids should just give that Trix rabbit some Trix then copy this onto your profile. ( They're basically telling kids, be selfish, don't share! WTF!?).

I'm also really into fictional I've added something to my profile...if you're interested:


Frodo Baggins

Will Turner

Jack Sparrow

Anakin Skywalker

Luke Skywalker

Harry Osborne

Spider Man

Android 17 (younger crush)Dragonball Z

Goku (younger crush) Dragonball Z

Trunks (younger crush) Dragonball Z

Flik (younger crush ) A bug's life

Darren Shan

Kurda Smahlt

Urcha Von

Steve Leonard

Harry Potter

Ron Weasly

Fred Weasly

George Weasly

Cedric Diggory

Tom Riddle

Rick (from The Mummy)

Sawyer (Lost)

Charlie Epps(Numbers)

Boone (Lost)

Charlie Campbell

Laurie Laurence


Jimmy Olsen



Edward (He's a blockhead...but...) (Twilight)

Jacob (LOVE) (Twilight

Spy kids boy

Young pinecone (hot Indian guy not sure of name so I call him this.)

that prince guy from “Lioness Rampant” series

George cute

Alex from Jaws

that other kid from Jaws

Sir Lancelot (Camelot)

Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

Mr. Willoughby (Sense and Sensibility)

Aladdin (younger crush)

Freddy (from Scooby doo, younger crush)

Freakazoid (old cartoon, VERY younger crush, about 5 years old, lasted 1 week.)

Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty, younger crush.)

Jack Dawson

Sunshine (Remember the titans)

Jim (The Office)

Phantom of the Opera (Michael Crawford's version...and -sigh-...the movie version.)

Nathaniel Hawthorne (Well...he's not fictional...but he's dead)

Alexei Romanov (Well...he's not fictional...but he's...sniff dead)

Dean Winchester (A pervert and badass...but so effing SEXY...I mean...he has freckles and muscles...and HELL HE'S HOT!)


Mick St. John (That vampire jacket and that tight fitting sweater...WHEW!) (Moonlight)

Josef Kostan (or Konstantin) (Moonlight) ( first he creeped me out and I thought he was a jerk...then...his creepy gaze changed into a sexy intense one...and now I'm in love...with him...more than Mick. My sis can have Mick)

Sweeney Todd (Though Johnny Depp's not bad's really the basic character that turns be on and get's my stomach all a'flippin. I've been dreamin' about sex with him having me at knife-point for a little while -swoons-. I LOVE dangerous men...whew...that'll sure get me in trouble...but I don't care so shut up and don't lecture me, beetches!)

Not all are major crushes...most aren't...but some...I had many restless nights over...or many restless years...some...I'm still restless

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Stories by Twisted Ingenue
Summary: The power of the ring courses through Frodo's strong, but failing body, making his slumbers fitful and torturous. Can Sam triumph over evil with his only weapon...friendship?
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