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Well let's see... Like so many of you claim, I too, am awful at talking about myself. So I guess just look like you're paying attention, and I'll go on.

My name is Adrianne, or Anne or Annie but please never, ever Andie. I live in the US, go to college, and I'm a bartender. Pretty average, huh?

My freshman year of high school, one of our assigned readings was "The Hobbit." It was probably a mixture of my rebellious attitude and mentally not being ready to be introduced to Tolkien, but I thought it a terrible book and started copying from the girl who sat next to me. Then we got the movies.. my dad wanted to see them, but I was lukewarm.. I went to drool over the actors. One day it just clicked, and I saw them as works of art and now think Tolkien should replace Shakespeare in schools lol.

I now have a running joke with my mother; whenever I refer to "My precious", she knows I'm talking about my dog.

As for any beta work, I am more than happy to review anything sent to me. As I'm not a real or professional editor(had to throw that in) I try my best, but I'm not perfect. If you wish a second opinion after me, thats fine. I won't be offended.

Anything you've got, send to

I get this question a lot, so I may as well adress it here.. Do I do casting calls/ cameos? Absolutely! And I have fun with it.. Want your character to appear in a story? You gotta let me know!

Now, I have to get this out there.. I am horrible at sticking with one story before I start another (As I'm sure you've all seen.) Once I come up with an idea, the characters don't leave me alone until I have something started. Which, as you can imagine, puts me behind on my *previously* started stories. Never fear though, I will get to all of them at some point in time. I just ask your patience.

Love and Light,

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Stories by Avadiel
Summary: Orphaned, thanks to an orc attack, a young Rohan child rides off in the distance. Abandoned by her horse in Lothlorien, she is helpless and alone until Haldir and his band find her. Raised by Haldir, she grows up well versed in weaponry.

But will the heart of a woman and skill with battle be enough to save her friends?
Categories: Movie-verse
Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Boromir, Elrond, Frodo, Gandalf / Olorin, Gimli, Haldir, Legolas, Merry, Original Character, Orophin, Pippin, Sam
Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, General, Humor
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 3753 Read Count: 4108
[Report This] Published: 15/11/08 Updated: 15/11/08
Summary: Gandalf claims Pippin as his companion to Gondor. Might there be another? Might this other take pity on Faramir, in the end?
Categories: Movie-verse
Characters: Aragorn, Denethor, Faramir, Gandalf / Olorin, Legolas, Merry, Original Character, Pippin
Genres: Angst, Drama, General, Humor
Warnings: AU (alternate universe), First Draft
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 1576 Read Count: 2522
[Report This] Published: 20/10/08 Updated: 20/10/08
The Heart of London by Avadiel Rated: PG-13 [Reviews - 4]
Summary: Tanya has been screwed over by men for the last time! After the news of being stood up, in front of Orlando no less, she swears she's done. Can Orlando change her mind? Will he succeed? He has one chance to prove himself... wish him luck!
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Warnings: First Draft
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[Report This] Published: 12/11/08 Updated: 12/11/08
Summary: "What can I do for them in the end?"

"it's not all about the rocks and the rubble and the hieroglyphics. Yes that's important, but what's more valuable is passion. I could teach you about rocks and Gods, but you can't teach passion. It's giving these people who the world forgot about centuries ago a name. It's learning their stories and if we're lucky, they'll teach us how to make the world better"
Categories: Movie-verse
Characters: Galadriel, Gandalf / Olorin, Gimli, Haldir, Legolas, Lindir, Original Character, Orophin, Rúmil
Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Romance
Warnings: AU (alternate universe), First Draft
Series: None
Chapters: 16 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 18397 Read Count: 16467
[Report This] Published: 14/10/08 Updated: 07/12/08