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Hi. I'm a 13 years old and I'm happy to be a Lord of the Rings nerd. :B I've read all the books and watched all the movies.

Legolas is my favorite LOTR character. :) He's amazing in so many ways. I love how graceful and beautiful he is while being so kick ass and awesome.

Aragorn is my second favorite LOTR character. He could get any other girl he wants but still he went through A LOT and fought a lot of battles to be with Arwen and I think that's really nice.

My favorite hobbit would have to be Sam. While Merry and Pippin are awesome and funny, I think Sam is my favorite because of his loyalty for Frodo. That kind of loyalty is really rare and I don't think Frodo could have made it halfway to Mordor without Sam. :)

I also like Elrond, Elrohir and Elladan. They're awesome too.

I don't read or write Legolas/ Aragorn slash. That's something I would (probably) never learn to like. No matter how well-written the fanfic is, I think it's highly inappropriate. I love them both, and I respect them too much to read or write Legolas Aragorn slash.

I enjoy writing and reading LOTR fan fic. I review the stories that have inspired me as a writer.

Reviews make me really happy. :) :) :) Please do read some of my work. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave reviews as well. Thanks for reading my bio (which is sort of long.) Have a good day! :D

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Stories by Wild Flower
Summary: This story is set 23 years after the crowning of King Ellasar and end of the one ring. A plague breaks out in the Shire. Samwise' daughters, Goldilocks and Elanor, set out for Rivendell to ask Elrond to find a cure. Legolas, Aragorn, Elrohir and Elladan are also in The Last Homely House and stumbles upon the cure. Friendships are formed and diseases are cured.
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Characters: Aragorn, Elanor Gamgee, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Faramir Took, Goldilocks Gamgee, Legolas
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Warnings: None
Series: Tales From Dust and Ashes
Chapters: 13 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 7917 Read Count: 4783
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Summary: Another adventure of Elanor and Goldilocks Gamgee. They ride to Gondor to support King Ellasar when rebels from the North unexpectedly attack the castle. Will they be able to make things right before it's too late?
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Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Elanor Gamgee, Faramir Took, Frodo Gamgee, Goldilocks Gamgee, Legolas, Sam
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Warnings: First Draft
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