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Hello I'm Matt. I started loving The Lord of the Rings after my brother showed me The Fellowship on DVD and I instantly loved it and craved more! (Although I did not completely understand it at the time) Years later after the all of them had been released I finally began to understand the storyline to some extent and became more interested in it. Years later I brought upon the challenge of reading the book series and bought it and read The Two Towers and loved it! Unfortunately I didn't finish the other parts of Lord of the Rings but tried to my whole sixth grade year! Eventually I started to learn more about the Tolkien universe and even past The Lord of the Rings and knew just about everything a good fan should know! Then along came The Battle for Middle-Earth....a great game! Look into it please and try it! Which then got me even further into my "obsession" of which it is now ranked! And here I am today! I joined this website after I started my fan fiction which is not very legthy as of yet but I hope will be a hit!
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Summary: Sauron's quite return has blown Gondor into wonder and worriement so many ranger patrols have been sent out but soon , Haramir son of Darlond, discovers an orc party that seem like a spie party which ultimately leads to a chain of events that set Middle-Earth into a clamactic war of which has never seen before!
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