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Summary: Legolas is depressed after the fellowship of the ring and his longing for the sea is getting him down. Can a beautiful she-elf save him from his depression? Or will she cause him even more misery? My first fan fiction, so please read and review. Thank you. CHAPTER 4 IS NOW UP. Don't forget to review then I can make my story better!

Okay after reviews made, and I thank you for it, I have adjusted my story slightly in my style and added slight hunts as to the story further. If you've already read my story these changes do not really require you to re-read, although you may wish to, you will still understand the plot as the outline is the same. Thank you so much.
Please read and review.
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Why? by Iwantanoceanliner Rated: G [Reviews - 4]
Summary: Just an off topic poem about how i've felt sometimes when my sister or family manage to piss me off and I don't know why or how I lose my rag so easily
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