Penname: SalmonHaddockInc [Contact] Real name:
Member Since: 06/06/08
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Genetic Hybrid of two LOTRFF real person fanfic authors.
Haddock's dream was to donate pint after pint of life-juice to the poorly children, but cannot do this because of mad cow disease. [and it isn't even a joke]
Haddock's partner in crime; Salmon, has a passion for historical artifacts, namely Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen.
The fishy friends consider one another to be ralatively talented writers in the world of LOTR RP fiction.
A large percentage of their works have gone unpublished, unfinished, cast aside for the next LOTR actor fad.
However, they have set a goal of finishing and publishing a finished piece of SalmonHaddockInc work on this here website.
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