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The Tapestry by nessima Rated: PG-13 [Reviews - 1]
Summary: In the end of the Third Age, Haldir, the Marchwarden of Lorien finds himself, through an unlikely twist of fate, bound to Faelwen, an elleth, young in mind, and with much to learn. Can their unlikely relationship survive Faelwen's youth and sickness, or the impending War of the Ring?
Categories: Book-verse, Movie-verse Characters: Celeborn, Galadriel, Haldir, Original Character, Orophin, Rúmil, The Fellowship
Genres: Drama, Romance
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 5850 Read Count: 3136
Published: Jun 18 2008 Updated: Jul 15 2008 [Report This]