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Hi I'm lovelovelove legolas. I love Legolas as my penname suggests and I'm completely obsessed with him! I like to believe I am part elf part human. I have rich long brown hair and can partly speak elvish. I have a younger sister who hates LOTR.

 Favorite character: Legolas

 Age: 12

Favorite shirt: I love legolas

Weirdest thing I have done: I was 9 or 10 and I had just seen the first LotR movie and decided to be an elf so I tried to pull my ears to a point at the top but little did I know it wouldn't work and after a few days of walking around with my hands pulling on my ears I finally figured it was no use!

Favorite singers and music groups: Taylor Swift, Evanescene, Rascal Flatts, Cascada, Avril Lavigne, and Julie Robert.   

Things I like: I like CHOCOLATE!, ICE CREAM!, , funny people, pizza, fuzzy blankets, hot guys, my friends, sweat pants, jeans that are tight on top and loose on the bottom, this sight, Legolas, volleyball, cool sites, my way awesome cousin, winter, music, CHOCOLATE!, ICE CREAM!, books, movies, shopping, my Ipod, my cellphone, PRIME RIB!, and my family.

 Things I hate: I hate people who smoke because they think its cool, people who go out and get drunk every night, people who lie, people who cheat, people who cuss all the time, people who pretend to be who they're not, to much food, dumb songs, Obama, Arazona, natural disasters, fattening foods, mean people, people who hate Ellen, Morgan and shelbi!, asperagus(yuch!), and being sick!


I'm just a simple girl in a simple world who could kick your A$$-

Best Question: Man mus love his fellow man but, when man steals mans pie can he love him?

Volleyball is not a sport, ITS LIFE!

Love ya'll and God Bless you!

  Love Love Love, -L L- ;) :) ;p ;0

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