Penname: gonattsaga [Contact] Real name: nieninque
Member Since: 27/10/05
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looks: steel blue eyes, semi-dark long hair, 173 cm short, 60-65 kg heavy, rather pale & odd-looking in general.

qualities: moody, dreamy, artistic, preoccupied, distracted, eccentric, poetic, childish, manic, complicated, independent, cuddly(if she wants to be), romantic, stressed out & stubborn.

star sign: gemini.

sexual orientation & marital status: bisexual & single

addicted to: coffee, smoking (but I'm supposed to have quit) slash fiction, movies, internet, books.

{slash fiction}

Fandoms: JEEVES & WOOSTER, A BIT OF FRY & LAURIE, HOUSE MD, THE X FILES, LOTR, LOTRIPS, HARRY POTTER, LOST, the vampire chronicles, batman, national treasure, murder my numbers, the office, the bumblebee flies anyway, midsomer murders.

OTP in Lord of the Rings: Merry/Pippin, Sam/Frodo and Legolas/Aragorn.
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