Welcome to the Lord of the Rings Fanfiction community! This site is for all book and movie verse LotR stories as well as real person fics, crossovers and other movies featuring one or more members of the cast. Basically, as long as it is related to LotR in some way, anything goes!
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Database issues
Had some funky issues with the database in recent days. Thankfully we have backup made twice daily. Everything is back up and running again, but we've lost all new data produced in the past two days – sorry!

--Admin on 28/04/14 - 09:53 am 74 Comments
New Story/Chapter Bug - Fixed!
Sorry about that everyone - the bug is now fixed, so you can post new stories.

--Admin on 09/04/14 - 05:08 am 25 Comments
Made an upgrade of the underlying eFiction software to the very latest version. Do let me know if you spot any issues.

--Admin on 16/02/14 - 04:27 am 87 Comments
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