Site Down
Hey guys,

Sorry the site went down over the weekend! We had an error on the server but everything is fixed now. :)

--Adora on 12/06/06 - 01:48 pm 14 Comments
no problem.
i thought what was the matter.
so glad it's back.
- XoGiggles on 12/06/06 - 03:41 pm
hehe, I thought it was just my computer :P
- Nieriel on 12/06/06 - 06:45 pm
Phew! Got kinda scared it was our internet connection. Now things are back to normal......
- Gilraen Elanesse on 12/06/06 - 07:24 pm
i also thought it was because of my computer and internet service...
i thought it was going to be like that for a really long time.
- XoGiggles on 12/06/06 - 08:27 pm
YAY!!! I thought it was my computer as well lol. Something about the domain being overused and I got freaked out becuase this is the only computer I had access to and now everything is back and I am sooo relieved!!!
- Alatariel on 12/06/06 - 10:05 pm
I love you adora!
- Syril Silverleaf on 13/06/06 - 03:26 am
I love you guys, too!
- Adora on 13/06/06 - 04:58 am