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Title: I Long For Him Reviewer: Erato Signed
Awwwwwwwwwwww! That was beautiful!
You´r a genius! The story is well writen and realistic!
Can´t wait to see more of it! XD XD
Date: Feb 18 2012 12:14 am [Report This]
Title: What Of Me? Reviewer: Nazgrrl Signed
Intriguing, though at the last update, I would think that you are getting into more of a PG/PG-13 rating.

Oh well, that's me being nit-picky again.

I like the way you write the monologue from 2 points of view.

Date: Nov 27 2007 06:49 am [Report This]
Title: Will I Last the Night? Reviewer: Alataril Serinde Signed
Mesmerising, like Amiriel's eyes.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it. More to come soon....

Date: Aug 30 2007 10:16 am [Report This]
Title: Will I Last the Night? Reviewer: iggybaby Signed
Seduce her? my oh my melissa.

Author's Response: What?? I'm allowed to experiment, aren't I? It's really fun writing the dudes point of view...I can toy with his mind. heh heh. I'm eevil! ~Mel
Date: Jul 13 2007 05:16 pm [Report This]
Title: He Thinks Me Beautiful? Reviewer: iggybaby Signed
*smacks head* Now if only this was me and a certain somebody... *sigh*

Author's Response: Ahh, you'll just have to imagine!! Or do you want me to write in the names and send it to you?? *hint hint* Thanks for the review Meggy! ~Mel
Date: Jul 13 2007 05:12 pm [Report This]
Title: Will I Last the Night? Reviewer: Nieriel Raina Anonymous
*melts into little puddle* This was really good..but haven't I read it before? Anyway, I like the changes you've made with this fic, especially the chapter titles. Very nice! Keep writing!

~ NiRi

Author's Response: I will keep writing, but I'm concentrating on revising my other BIG chapter fic. So once that one is fixed and updated, I'll work on this one again!! Thank you so much for reviewing and following my fic! ~Mel
Date: Jul 10 2007 07:22 pm [Report This]
Title: He Thinks Me Beautiful? Reviewer: SilverGrace Signed
Lovely! Your writing style is wonderful! Nice job.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like it! ~Mel
Date: Jun 19 2007 07:11 pm [Report This]
Title: He Thinks Me Beautiful? Reviewer: Nieriel Raina Anonymous
Oh dear me. Very nice! But no more? *pouts*

couple typos:

However, my heart leaps at his ext (next) phrase.

The (Then) he voices the fact that he thinks I enjoyed it.

I am truly enjoying this! !NiRi

Author's Response: Don't worry, I plan on updating soon. I'm really happy you like it and thanks again for telling me my mistakes! ~Mel
Date: Jun 18 2007 07:04 pm [Report This]
Title: Is She Affected By Me? Reviewer: Nieriel Raina Anonymous
Oh yes, this is very very good. Couple story issues.

1. These sentences have some grammar issues.

"She is fair; with her delicate features, slender figure and thigh length golden/blonde hair. Though, I rarely see her wearing it down with delicate braids pulled away from her face. "

golden/blonde - this is not the correct way to write this, it would be golden-blonde. However, blond IS gold, so this is redundant. Also, this would work best as a single sentence. Comma after hair, though I rarely see her...

2. "Perhaps she has control over the emotions she displays;" she doesn't seem to be affected, she is NOT displaying emotion! It would be better to say perhaps she has control over her emotions...Then it also works with what Legolas thinks after.

Well done! ~NiRi

Author's Response: oh, thanks for pointing out my mistakes! I am not that experienced with writing monologues; this was my first one! I'm glad you liked it! ~Mel
Date: Jun 18 2007 06:56 pm [Report This]
Title: What Of Me? Reviewer: Nieriel Raina Anonymous
This is really sweet! And your POV is perfect and very well written. You have some canon errors though, and I would be remiss not to mention a couple of things.

Story issues:

1. Amiriel's POV opening line. Get rid of it! Do you ever see this in a book? No! We know it's from a lady's point of view, though she's yet to be identified. I'd also come up with another title for the chapter. May I suggest, What of Me?

2. The use of the term elleth. It is totally at your discretion, of course, but you will find many of the more popular LOTR authors are switching to simply: man, woman, girl, boy. This is all a translation and elleth simply means woman. We know they are elves and these are elven men and women. Tolkien himself calls Galadriel an elf woman.

Canon issues:

1. This is after the War of the Ring, thus, this is no longer Mirkwood, but Eryn Lasgalen. It was renamed this after the fall of Dol Guldur before Legolas returned home.

2. He wouldn't be called a member of the Fellowship, but one of the Nine Walkers.

3. Well over six feet tall. Aragorn was the tallest member of the Fellowship and he was six feet six inches. The Numenoreans were actually taller than the elves.

I love it! I'm off to read more! ~NiRi

Author's Response: OMG, you'd think I'd remember about stuff like that. *smacks forehead* I honestly do not know what I was thinking. Thank you so much for pointing this stuff out! ~Mel
Date: Jun 18 2007 06:47 pm [Report This]
Title: Is She Affected By Me? Reviewer: iggybaby Signed
hee hee. true love. too bad it doesn't exist in reality. good chappie.

Author's Response: I'm really happy you liked it. I wish it did exist in reality as well. See you tomorrow! ~Mel
Date: May 30 2007 04:59 pm [Report This]
Title: What Of Me? Reviewer: iggybaby Signed
I love the last line, "Oh Valar! He is coming this way!" love it mel!

Author's Response: Yeah, I thought it would be a great way to close off the monologue! ~Mel
Date: May 07 2007 12:26 pm [Report This]
Title: What Of Me? Reviewer: Ria Signed
This looks like an interesting new direction for you: I like the way you develop her voice. Also, you should submit this story to the Lucky Number Challenge, since it has the exact word count.

Author's Response: Thank you. It was a first for me and I'm happy with how it turned out. I did submit it under that challenge; thanks for telling me about it! ~Mel
Date: May 03 2007 09:29 pm [Report This]
Title: What Of Me? Reviewer: GreenWoodElleth Signed
Oh wow, Aerlinniel, I like this!! Awesome!!

Author's Response: Hannad! I'm really happy you liked it! ~Mel
Date: May 03 2007 11:33 am [Report This]
Title: What Of Me? Reviewer: Brassen Signed
You wrote a monologue! Yay! I love how you describe Legolas' looks AND his character. You should write a 2nd part to this . . . *hint hint*

Author's Response: Seems I made you happy! I was thinking of writing a second part to it, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to happen. I wanted to leave the door open for possibilities. Also, I don't think of Legolas as someone who just goes up to an elleth he hasn't met before and something happens between them that same evening. But if I do get an idea, I will for sure post it! Love, Mel
Date: May 03 2007 01:46 am [Report This]
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