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Title: Sick Hobbits, and Gollum's Game of Go-Fish Reviewer: Ria Signed
What a great, detailed dream. You have my sympathies on the technicolor yawns.
Date: Jan 07 2008 07:21 pm [Report This]
Title: Sick Hobbits, and Gollum's Game of Go-Fish Reviewer: Twisted Ingenue Signed
Thanks for adding my dream! I feel so honored! And I love the title you created! Lol...that Gollum thing was REALLY weird.

Author's Response: No problem. I think you had the weirdest dream I've put in my collection so far.
Date: Jan 07 2008 01:08 pm [Report This]
Title: Luthien with ADD Reviewer: Twisted Ingenue Signed
Wow...this is a great idea, Jules! ALWAYS come up with great ideas so this is nothing new.
I've had so many dreams featuring Tolkien's books or movies that I can't even count...but...if you want I'd be glad to share one I had when I was sick:

I had this really weird dream where my little sister and I were on this "adventure" which consisted of sleeping on the side of the highway, sticking out our thumbs to hitchhike, and cursing (dream curse-words of course, one being "Keebler Elf") at the cars that just zoomed by us.
Oddly enough, both of us over "time" (dream time is weird) started donning hobbitish suspenders and green cloaks with the leaves of Lorien brooches holding them together. My feet were also getting itchy from hobbit hair. Somehow, my sister and I had morphed into Sam and Frodo. I being Frodo and my sister being Sam. And yet, it didn't seem like it was that big of a deal. We were just like "Oh well!"
The I started to feel fluish symptoms and my sister/Sam was really concerned. She/he was like "It's the ring, isn't it, Mr. Frodo?" And I'm all like "Yep...*cough* *sneeze* sure is!"
When I started to get feverish chills, a neon blue, Chevy Silverado (I'm a car obsessed I THINK that's what is was) pulled up. It was Faramir wearing sunglasses. He looked a lot like David Wenham except he had his hair in a ponytail.
For some strange reason, my sister/Sam just hopped into the car next to Faramir and she/he was like "ha! I got shotgun"
But for some reason I was scared and I started running away...but then I stopped because I didn't want my sister/beloved friend to be in a car alone with the shady-looking Faramir, so crawled into the backseat. The only thing I remember was me saying "Nice leather interior," and Faramir replied with something along the lines of "'s the finest Gondorian leather."
Then, Sam (my sister and I were completely the characters) and I were brought to Henneth Annűn which resembled the spa from the Grove Park Inn. I was still feeling really sick to my stomach and dizzy, though.
I was about to go vomit in one of the pools under a waterfall (Sam had disappeared) when Faramir came behind me again and was all like,
"We have your friend down there,"
All of the sudden we were in this colloseum/stadium kind of thing that featured a rock pool at the bottom. I looked down to see a furrier (kind of Hello Kitty-like) Gollumn on a rock playing "go-fish" with his evil self. I soon got really scared and started shaking and whimpering something like,
Then this strange sqaud of people who look like the faceless Civil War guys from a museum exhibit started popping up everywhere with bayonet guns and aiming them at Gollumn.
For some reason, I was like, "Okay" and I ran down the steps,,,everyone began to evaporate, except for Gollumn who looked pissed and began hissing at me. Then, he dissapated and I was left alone on a rock and I bent over, crying in distress from the "decision" I had made. That's when I woke up with a nasty headache and I stumbled over to the bathroom to start "worshipping the porcelain god". Yes...I was pretty ill when I dreamt that.
Date: Jan 04 2008 07:15 pm [Report This]
Title: The Evenstar Pendant--On Sale Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
Carol recently told me that she bought an Evenstar pendant from The Noble Collection, but paid a much heftier price than a discount store would have charged. I guess she really does have a weakness for LotR jewelry.

Author's Response: Wow, that's for sure.
Date: Dec 19 2007 01:09 pm [Report This]
Title: John Noble Reviewer: Ria Signed
I'm deeply shocked that Karlmir dreamed Gondor without Arwen.

Author's Response: Why? Is he particularly obsessed?
Date: Nov 24 2007 07:43 pm [Report This]
Title: A Wizards' Reunion, and Radagast Moves to China Reviewer: Ria Signed
I love the idea of Radagast as a modern day environmentalist.
Date: Nov 24 2007 07:40 pm [Report This]
Title: Luthien with ADD Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I suffer sleep paralysis, is I nap in the afternoon, which is often, and if I stop fighting it and drop back into a doze [ never a deep sleep ] the characters I write of come and talk to me. I can * see * the bedroom, even the clock and the time, and hear external noises, but the character's are right there.
They discuss the stories and some of them, Vanimórë especially, always sound quite amused by me. It's as if I am not up to par, but they're making the best of it. They are the most vivid dreams imaginable, and the characters, from canon to O/C are just as real as if my partner had walked in to talk to me.
It's when Vanimórë says to me words to the effect that: '' But YOU are the dream which we dream, did you not know? '' I think '' Arg. '' >.<
This is , of course, a combination of complete Tolkien obsession and the Sleep Paralysis which I have had since being on a course of anti depressants yeas ago. However, it's a fairly good side effect , [lol] and I quite like it, until I get told that I'M the dream, and I think '' Ok-ay '' time to wake up, missus! :-). Too much of that and I'll be back for more mad pills!
It would be rather good if they were '' hot '' dreams, but no, I get discussions or my leg pulled, typical!
Date: Sep 27 2007 08:57 am [Report This]
Title: It's a Jolly Holiday with Morgoth Reviewer: Ria Signed
I'm not sure how you'd celebrate it, but probably Morgoth is preparing for it right now in your MST series.

Author's Response: I think so. Hmmm; is it okay if I use that in my next MST?
Date: Jul 07 2007 05:11 pm [Report This]
Title: It's a Jolly Holiday with Morgoth Reviewer: AraionaDuBois Signed
HAHAHAHAHA!!! My Eru! *speechless* I can imagine that being quite a strange dream! *snigger* Holiday of Morgoth... sounds interesting. ;)

Author's Response: Yeah...I kind of think it SHOULD be a real holiday.
Date: Jul 07 2007 10:22 am [Report This]
Title: Roasting Elijah Wood Reviewer: AraionaDuBois Signed
Hahahaha now that's an interesting dream! I got another one for you. :)

I was working at Auntie Anne's Pretzel Place one not-so-busy afternoon when I thought I heard a strange wooshing noise. I brushed it off as the ovens and continued my work. Well, about ten minutes later I saw the fellowship running at a dead sprint past me. It sounded like they were screaming something like 'run faster!'
As soon as they had passed, I saw three more people running after them. With one look, I regonised them as The Doctor, Martha, and Jack from Doctor Who. The Doctor seemed to be yelling something like, 'get back here! You're not in the right time! Gotta get you back to Middle-earth! Blimey you lot can run fast!'
I exchanged looks with my fellow employee's before darting from the store and following the three Doctor Who characters. When I had caught up with them I told them, 'There are secret passages throughout the entire mall. If you use one, you may get ahead of them. I can show you, if you like.' The Doctor nodded and replied, 'show me'.
So, taking a quick turn we took off in one of the secret hallways. When we exited the hallway, the Fellowship was standing 10 feet away. I think that they thought that they lost us.
Aragorn then turned and spotted us and the Fellowship took off again with us in close pursuit. The Doctor yelled, 'Look! We're not here to hurt you! We're here to send you back to your proper home! Now stop running or you'll feel the fury of a Time Lord!'
Now I don't know if that threat frightened them, or if half of the Fellowship became tired of all the running, but they did stop.
Once we caught up to them, and caught out breath, The Doctor explained to the Fellowship what had happened. He told them that there had been an emergency temporal shift caused by a Dalek that had sent them here somehow. He then told them that if they would just follow him back to his ship, he would take them home. The Fellowship agreed and we all walked back through the mall. Along the way I started talking with Jack. He said to me, 'Captain Jack Harkness, and who might you be?' I told him my name and then the Doctor rolled his eyes and said 'oh don't start!' Jack replied, 'what?' and I stifled a laugh.
We reached the Doctor's ship, The TARDIS, and the Fellowship characters went in followed by Martha and Jack. The Doctor thanked me for my help and asked if I wanted to go with them, in payment for how I helped. I automatically said yes and then I went inside the TARDIS, had a cup of tea, and talked with the members of the Fellowship.
When we reached Middle-earth, the Doctor helped the Fellowship figure out where in Middle-earth they were before the temporal shift and once everything was settled the Doctor exclaimed, 'So, where to now? Oh I know! Barcelona!'

Author's Response: That's a REALLY interesting one! I don't know Doctor Who very well, but I can imagine how they'd react if the Fellowship got sent to our time!
Date: Jul 07 2007 05:47 am [Report This]
Title: Luthien with ADD Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
I've got several wacky dreams if you want them, however you're going to have to hunt me down to get them!

Author's Response: I'd love them, but only if you're willing to tell them. If not, that's fine too.
Date: Jun 19 2007 01:14 pm [Report This]
Title: Gandalf's Unsung Deeds Reviewer: Ria Signed
Two thoughts: That transition, "Then Mithrandir lay beside her . . ." sounds rather like Dennis McKiernan. He's generally very competent, but does awkward "now I want you to know that they had sex but I don't want to show it" bits.

Second: What's a troll, exactly? Why would one troll?

Author's Response: A "troll" is a bad fanfic, whose author has made it awful ON PURPOSE. Typically, either this author is trying--and failing--to write a decent parody of badfic, or else he or she is craving attention so much that he or she is TRYING to get flames. The best thing to do is ignore trolls; anybody who sends the authors a review, either good or bad, is said to be "feeding the troll."
Date: Jun 19 2007 07:20 am [Report This]
Title: Luthien with ADD Reviewer: AraionaDuBois Signed
Okay, I JUST had this dream last night. (I think it was infulenced by the X-Files too).

In this dream, I was a PPC agent sent to Middle-earth with seven other agents to fight this gigantic mushroom. A Sue author created it to stop the PPC from killing Sues. We got to the mushroom but it seeped out this gross liquid and trapped us inside of it. We must have been inside the mushroom for over a week.
Then I was rescued by Morgoth. He cleaned me up and wisked me away to Angband where we fell in love and lived happily for many years.
One day, Morgoth went away to see what Sauron was doing. I stayed home and caught up on the laundry and dishes.
There was a knock at the door and the PPC agents that I had been trapped in the mushroom with entered. I was overjoyed to see them but apparently they wern't overjoyed to see me. They started to rattle off this really long name...I think it was Derolimintiorlanlyiasyuia... (I'm sure I'm missing a few letters) and they started to charge me with being a Mary-Sue.I kept proclaiming my innocence and I insisted I was not this 'Dero' person but, in fact, Araiona DuBois of the PPC. The head agent did not listen to me and she pulled out her bow and shot me in the chest. But instead of blood, this green ooze came out of my chest and everything went blurry.
In the dream, I woke up in a PPC ambulance with my fellow agents. We were covered in this green slime. I asked how long we had been in the mushroom and the ambulance worker replied 'many, many, years.'
Thats when I woke up, for real, and went ' totally the X-Files espisode I watched yesterday!' It was a pretty cool dream! (Execpt for being a Mary-Sue due to mushroom infulence!)

Author's Response: Ha, ha! That was pretty funny. Maybe you should write a story about this giant mushroom.
Date: May 30 2007 04:42 am [Report This]
Title: Squirrely Keirrel Reviewer: AraionaDuBois Signed
Hahaha! You've had some funny Tolkien dreams! I espically liked the one with Boromir...that was funny...:)
Date: May 29 2007 04:00 pm [Report This]
Title: Luthien with ADD Reviewer: AraionaDuBois Signed
HAHAAHAH!!! That's funny! 'hey look! Rainbow unicorns!' :) funny... I can just picture that too. Hmm...I know I've had a few dreams involving Arda. I'll have to e-mail you them when I get a chance to write them down! Splendid idea by the by!

Author's Response: Thank you! Of course, now it's kind of spoiled the Tale of Luthien for me...I'll never be able to read it again without thinking, "Hey, look! Rainbow unicorns!"
Date: May 28 2007 05:21 am [Report This]
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