Reviews For Arda Dreams
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Title: Gandalf's Unsung Deeds Reviewer: Ria Signed
Two thoughts: That transition, "Then Mithrandir lay beside her . . ." sounds rather like Dennis McKiernan. He's generally very competent, but does awkward "now I want you to know that they had sex but I don't want to show it" bits.

Second: What's a troll, exactly? Why would one troll?

Author's Response: A "troll" is a bad fanfic, whose author has made it awful ON PURPOSE. Typically, either this author is trying--and failing--to write a decent parody of badfic, or else he or she is craving attention so much that he or she is TRYING to get flames. The best thing to do is ignore trolls; anybody who sends the authors a review, either good or bad, is said to be "feeding the troll."
Date: Jun 19 2007 08:20 am [Report This]
Title: Luthien with ADD Reviewer: AraionaDuBois Signed
Okay, I JUST had this dream last night. (I think it was infulenced by the X-Files too).

In this dream, I was a PPC agent sent to Middle-earth with seven other agents to fight this gigantic mushroom. A Sue author created it to stop the PPC from killing Sues. We got to the mushroom but it seeped out this gross liquid and trapped us inside of it. We must have been inside the mushroom for over a week.
Then I was rescued by Morgoth. He cleaned me up and wisked me away to Angband where we fell in love and lived happily for many years.
One day, Morgoth went away to see what Sauron was doing. I stayed home and caught up on the laundry and dishes.
There was a knock at the door and the PPC agents that I had been trapped in the mushroom with entered. I was overjoyed to see them but apparently they wern't overjoyed to see me. They started to rattle off this really long name...I think it was Derolimintiorlanlyiasyuia... (I'm sure I'm missing a few letters) and they started to charge me with being a Mary-Sue.I kept proclaiming my innocence and I insisted I was not this 'Dero' person but, in fact, Araiona DuBois of the PPC. The head agent did not listen to me and she pulled out her bow and shot me in the chest. But instead of blood, this green ooze came out of my chest and everything went blurry.
In the dream, I woke up in a PPC ambulance with my fellow agents. We were covered in this green slime. I asked how long we had been in the mushroom and the ambulance worker replied 'many, many, years.'
Thats when I woke up, for real, and went ' totally the X-Files espisode I watched yesterday!' It was a pretty cool dream! (Execpt for being a Mary-Sue due to mushroom infulence!)

Author's Response: Ha, ha! That was pretty funny. Maybe you should write a story about this giant mushroom.
Date: May 30 2007 05:42 am [Report This]
Title: Squirrely Keirrel Reviewer: AraionaDuBois Signed
Hahaha! You've had some funny Tolkien dreams! I espically liked the one with Boromir...that was funny...:)
Date: May 29 2007 05:00 pm [Report This]
Title: Luthien with ADD Reviewer: AraionaDuBois Signed
HAHAAHAH!!! That's funny! 'hey look! Rainbow unicorns!' :) funny... I can just picture that too. Hmm...I know I've had a few dreams involving Arda. I'll have to e-mail you them when I get a chance to write them down! Splendid idea by the by!

Author's Response: Thank you! Of course, now it's kind of spoiled the Tale of Luthien for me...I'll never be able to read it again without thinking, "Hey, look! Rainbow unicorns!"
Date: May 28 2007 06:21 am [Report This]
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