Reviews For Daylight Stars
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Title: Prologue Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
Oooh, this was hard for me to start reading. My own dad died just a couple of years ago. Interesting beginning, however. I'll endeavor to continue as you add more chapters.

Author's Response: Oh, so sorry to here about that Karl. . . I'm actually gonna add something to the prologue, about the night he found out hs father died but I don't mnd if you aren't up to reading that, it's quite understandable. Hope I didn't get you too down and thanks for reviewing, talk to you soon hopefully - Breia
Date: Oct 16 2008 11:00 am [Report This]
Title: Prologue Reviewer: arulia34 Signed

Author's Response: Dude, what is up with the one-word reviews? Thank you anyway,might have more of this up tonight, depends how fast I can type up and remodel the first chapter, introducings Paige and what's-his'face later on now. Talk to you soon - Breia
Date: Oct 15 2008 09:51 pm [Report This]
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