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Title: Chapter 2: Good Clean Fun Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Lol, I love that, a raunchy way of saving water :)
I always love the dynamics between these two, it's always so believable, but there is always so much heat.

Author's Response: Thank you, lol, yes, raunchy and fun ;) I wanted to write something a touch lighter and more fun as the last thing I finished was my story for the halloween challenge and the next chapter for COS is giving me trouble so I decided to take abit of a break...and write something completely different. I always enjoy writing the dynamic's between these two and I am so pleased that you find it believeable and I can always write differently in a way when it is just those two becuase when they are alone they do not have to hold back anything, wether it be with words or anything else really and since they know and trust each other there is never any holding back in that aspect either. Thanks for the review!
Date: Nov 02 2008 11:41 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: Introduction Reviewer: Ria Signed
Here's a basic link on why
we conserve water
. One example in the Western US, where I live, is the catastrophic failure of the last year's salmon run, caused in large part by human overuse of the river systems where the salmon spawn.

I think your connection of green and sexiness is completely logical! Environmentalism is also very Tolkienian. Saruman's assaults on the Ents and the Shire are both forms of habitat destruction, something Tolkien clearly felt strongly about.

Author's Response: I have always down my best to conserve water, even in just small way's such as turning off the tap while brushing my teeth, taking short showers instead of long bath's, or when I am washing my hands at work I don't keep the water running while I am scrubbing as it is pretty high powered faucet and uses alot of water and I next to never wash my car, I find that a waste, why wash when it is going to ran (Evantually)The water conservation issue I had was only in a small part of my fairly small town where we were told to boil our water as it was not safe to drink and it only lasted a couple of days. Having clean water is very important to me, which is ironic considering I live right on the shore of the most heavily polluted of the five great lakes (Lake Ontario, I have heard Lake Eerie is the cleanest) I am also a pisces so perhaps that is why I am so concerned about water. Tolkien definately had some very strong messages about the enviroment as you put very well as Sauruman to me represented mindless industrialism which was all take without giving thought about the damage it was causing, in the short or the long term and really didn't care. I am also planning a story about the Ent's as they are also quite green and fascinate me a great deal.
Date: Nov 02 2008 07:49 pm [Report This]
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