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Title: Noted Insanity Reviewer: Massanie Signed
Nice chapter! Though I must admit that I don't know L, Near and Mello and thus it was a little bit confusing...

Shouldn't Snape know better though than to sniff at fumes as a potions master? I mean it's basically the first rule one learns in chemistry ... he should be sooo embarrassed! ;-) I'd never stop teasing him, he's so much fun when angry!

Author's Response: Oh, I guess you've never heard of Death Note... And yes, he's very fun when he's angry. Just ask Frank or Marie. They have some Snape stories that would have you rolling on the floor for hours. :D
Date: Jan 11 2012 08:33 pm [Report This]
Title: The Key to everything lies within the chamber pot Reviewer: Massanie Signed
You know, I *love* Snape. Honestly that acid personality and dry humor ...

And thanks for letting Caspian where he belongs! That way Snape doesn't have to become a murderer (I have no doubt that he would have killed him some time in the near future. That prince is just too damn Griffindorish!)

And I pity Gandalf with his seasickness: I suddenly remembered that one can only travel from Valinor to Middle Earth (and back) by ship. That would have been a horrible journey for him, both ways...

Author's Response: Yeah, Snape would've ended up exploding in Caspian's face sooner or later...and yes, I'd imagine that Gandalf would have terrible time of it when it came to sailing to and from Valinor. Hopefully next time he'll remember to bring his pills!
Date: Jan 11 2012 08:10 pm [Report This]
Title: Ocean or not an Ocean...Hobbit feet or not Hobbit feet...that is the question! Reviewer: Massanie Signed
poor Snape...

But Caspian? Hmmm. I didn't read the books nor watched that movie - the four siblings really got on my nerves. And with Caspian I somehow achieved that effect only by watching the trailer.
I hope they don't take him along...

Author's Response: Yes, poor Snape. He just has such a hard time expressing his feelings in a positive way. Oh, and I'm not much for the Pevensie children either, but sometimes I cater to my audience and add in some movies/books that I've watched/read that I don't particularly like (for example, Twilight), but I tend to abuse the characters from those Canons in some ways. For example, the fact that Marie hates Edward is an expression of my dislike for the series (I'm sorry if you like Twilight, but I'm not a fan for several reasons). So Snape's bashing of Caspian is just one of those times that the characters speak for me. You know what I mean?
Date: Dec 10 2011 07:07 am [Report This]
Title: One head is better than none Reviewer: Massanie Signed
awwww... I would have liked them to spend some more time in Sleepy Hollow. They didn't meet the scary Stepmother!

But a nice chapter nonetheless! I like the idea of three Johnny Depp's interacting with one another.
You know: it would be very interesting if they started to accidentally take some of the evil characters along to wreak havoc in another canon!

Up to read the next chapter...

Author's Response: That was the reason I had to take them out of Sleepy Hollow quickly. I won't give away details, but they did set loose an unwanted guest into the Canon-verse...
Date: Dec 10 2011 06:56 am [Report This]
Title: Close Encounters of the Headless Kind Reviewer: Massanie Signed
Sleepy Hollow a perfectly decently place? Huh, yeah, as if...
And: another Johnny Depp character? You seem to collecting them: Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow, Ichabod Crane ... ;-) One simply must that actor in every role!

And Sleepy Hollow is really a fitting extension to this story, although I'm starting to have problems with keeping track of all the characters and linking them with the right movies or books ... ;-)

Author's Response: I know, right? It's a terrible place. But that's the running joke. Gandalf's always misjudging things. ;D And I'm glad you like this canon. It's one of my favorites.
Date: Dec 05 2011 07:52 pm [Report This]
Title: It's Fine Dining With The Best! Reviewer: Massanie Signed
You know, somehow the "You've got Fanmail" stories remind me of my own dreams: one time I dreamed I was a fluffy teddy bear running around in a rather freaky mansion that was built like a labyrinth and full of traps. I awoke when I fell off the stairs into nothingness...
These stories are just as barmy sometimes ;-) but hilarious nonetheless!

And Gimli is such a drama queen, but one still just has to love him. My favorite is Snape, though...

Author's Response: Gimli is a bit of a Drama Queen. :D I love Snape, too. He's my buddy, even if he does scream at me all the time.....And if these stories remind you of your dreams, then it means I'm doing something right, 'cuz that was just the kind of crazy I was aiming for! Thanks for reviewing! There's another chapter on the way!
Date: Dec 04 2011 08:40 pm [Report This]
Title: Nothing bad EVER happens on a pirate ship! Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Oh, she's at it again. Another trip around canon lands. Poor Marie. She's always getting in trouble.

Author's Response: Yeah, she really has the most terrible luck. She makes the most of it, though. And really, with everything that happens to her, you can't blame her for being slightly insane. :) I'm so mean to her..Heheh.
Date: Aug 10 2011 03:00 am [Report This]
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