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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Irial Signed
How very inventive of Legolas! And wicked!! I love re-visiting these two and their antics! You write them so well together! ~ Iri
Date: 19/02/13 - 02:26 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Domestic Duchess Signed
Wow! This is so good. You really know these two, understand them and love them. It's tender, yet erotic.
You've got good, believable dialouge, more vivid descriptions thatn you normally seem to wrtie, much more showing than telling here too. These sentences are so simple yet so telling about their relationship and the love Leggy had for Rhav; sort of philsophical:
Those words had more meaning than for the reason they were spoken. No matter what happened or who she was, Legolas would never release her from his love or his life. Whether she was a warrior or a timid elleth, he would love her and that was the most comforting thing Rhavaniel could have ever wanted in her world.
This is the perfect example of showing vs telling. I like how you said she cupped him and then this one too: balls ached and hardened, ready to release.
They're both so passionate... and so naughty!

Author's Response: I feel like these two have earned their place in the spotlight. Their story has been told, they've been through enough. Now it's time for cake and ice cream. (or chocolate, lol) I get to show them the way I have always seen them, even before I wrote Taming. They like to play and tease, but in the end it's a deep affection they have for each other. Respect, comfort and trust is what allows them to be this way. They are an old married couple who are still on their honeymoon. So glad you liked this piece and the ball cupping too, hehe!
Date: 19/08/11 - 11:24 pm [Report This]
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