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Carleena Romano is an aspiring actress. Having been raised in a family with some movie background, it was destined that she become one of the legends. Legends did start some where and Carleena finds herself working as an extra in a big budget Hollywood movie. Destiny however, had other plans for her, in a shape of a young, handsome actor named Orlando Bloom. Will fame finally make Carleena choose between what she wants and what she needs? Will she let a misunderstanding ruin her life?
Rated: NC-17
Categories: Actor Fics Characters: Elijah Wood, Liv Tyler, Original Character, Orlando Bloom
Genres: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Warnings: Graphic Sex
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Word count: 107904 Read: 43337
Published: Apr 29 2010 Updated: Jun 19 2010
Story Notes:
This is my first time writing a fanfic about Orlando Bloom. He's one of my favourite actor! I personally don't know him and all the characters in this story is purely fictional.

1. Who's the weirdo? by luthien85 [Reviews - 9] starstarhalf-star (1031 words)
This is the first chapter. Hopefully, some of you will like it, it's my first fan fic of Orlando Bloom.

2. The Audition by luthien85 [Reviews - 2] (1287 words)
I wanted to make this chapter longer but decided against it. The call backs are more important ;)

I didn't really know how to tackle the audition scene, so i improvised. If you have some tips for me how to go about the audition scenes from now on, do contact me.

3. The Call by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (2871 words)
Another encounter. This chapter introduces a few more characters in Carleena's life, including her family and her best friend. Have fun reading, I hope!

4. The Call Back of a Lifetime! by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (4032 words)
Finally, the two characters meet face to face. I hope you guys will enjoy this chapter.

5. Nothing and Everything by luthien85 [Reviews - 0] (3144 words)
I decided to add some point of views of the character, that way it'll be easier to understand who said what and plus, it'll help to showcase the emotions and the feelings they have.

6. Room 710 by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (3249 words)

7. Switzerland by luthien85 [Reviews - 2] (3438 words)
To anyone from New York or Switzerland, I'm sorry if i got the info wrong since i'm not from either places. Most of the info i got of the net, so if i got them wrong, i apologize in advance.

8. Crête Vue by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (3743 words)
Crête Vue is an imaginary place i made up since i can't find a lot of info on Place Centrale. Have fun reading!

9. How Do I Tell Her? by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (4647 words)
My keyboard has been acting up badly. My A's and S's are now a problem. So if you spot them, I'm sorry. I did read through, though i might've missed some. I had a great time writing this chapter and i hope you will too!

10. Impending Heartbreak by luthien85 [Reviews - 0] (5071 words)
A new chapter begins with an ending that will start everything :)

Be advised, we have some steamy stuff in this chapter

11. The Morning After by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (3377 words)

12. Stolen Days by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (3089 words)
The next few chapters will be spaced out I'm afraid. Real life is something i wish i could run away from but alas.

13. Taking Care of Business by luthien85 [Reviews - 0] (3213 words)
In this chapter i tied in all the main characters that would play a vital role in the future chapters and had Carleena's life sorted. Stay tuned for the unraveling soon hehe

14. A drawer by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (3643 words)
Be advised, steamy scene here...

15. Roll Camera! by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (4874 words)
The couple's first fight. It might look juvenile but you'll never know what ticks people nowadays. Have fun!

16. Rugged Love by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (3355 words)

17. The Premier by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (5626 words)
For your reading pleasure, i have provided with some hearing aid :


Do open that and listen to it when you read the story :) Have fun!

18. My Secret by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (4272 words)
Again, we have some visual and hearing aid for you guys. I wanted this chapter to hit close to home. Listen to the song carefully and try to apply it to the situation happening between Carleena and Orlando.


19. Losses by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (2209 words)

20. Out of Sight by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (3744 words)
I hope you'll find this chapter refreshing :)

21. Deception by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (3499 words)

22. Winning her over by luthien85 [Reviews - 2] (3853 words)
The lovers are at it again!

23. Roommates by luthien85 [Reviews - 2] (3636 words)
Sorry it took awhile to finish this chapter. I wish i could write all day. Alas, work and responsibilities gets in the way. Anyways, enjoy!

24. Last Week In Tuscany by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (4448 words)
Hopefully this chapter clears up why Carleena is the way she is. Have fun!

25. A word from the author by luthien85 [Reviews - 1] (50 words)

26. New York, I Love You! by luthien85 [Reviews - 2] (4761 words)
I would like to thank L8Bleumr for dedicating her latest chapter for me. I am feeling better now and thank you for your concern. Let us now continue where we left off.

27. Pre Oscars Jitters by luthien85 [Reviews - 2] (4381 words)
Sorry it took a while to write the next chapter. Anyways, enjoy!

28. The Oscars' Curse by luthien85 [Reviews - 2] (3097 words)

29. Understanding the Revenge by luthien85 [Reviews - 2] (3404 words)

30. Hope by luthien85 [Reviews - 2] (3137 words)

31. Resolution by luthien85 [Reviews - 2] (3723 words)
This was written at 5.15 a.m. Forgive me if you find any typos or grammatical error. The story is now finally complete. Thank you to everyone who read this and have followed Carleena's journey until the end. Will there be more? Only time will tell.