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Author's Chapter Notes:
As I said, I wasn't exactly in the best of moods when I wrote this poem. Not sure quite what it has to do with Lord Of The Rings, but I wanted to see what people thought of it. It is the first poem I have written for about three years, so I'd really appreciate any feedback at all.
My Worst Enemy

Every time I look in the mirror,
I see her staring back at me.
An image of composure,
But underneath I know she’s drowning.

She’s falling, fighting, screaming,
But no matter how hard she struggles
The dark tide pulls her slowly under,
To suffocate in the blackness of her heart.

I’m watching her slowly slip away,
I feel the panic rise in my throat. I want to help her,
But then I remember how much I hate her,
How much harm she’s done me. She’s on her own.

Day by day she keeps living,
A complete fake. She hides herself,
She’s a hollow shell. Shallow and bland,
What you get is what you see.

She’s too stubborn to be helped.
All she wants is to be loved,
But she’s too afraid to let anyone in.
One by one, she drives them away.

I know she’ll keep on living.
She’s fought too hard to surrender now.
We both know I’ll never be rid of her,
She’ll always be there somewhere in my mind.

She seems to delight in causing me pain.
She’s always there to mess things up,
The only enemy I can’t escape,
My worst enemy, my nightmare.

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