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Author's Chapter Notes:
Aragorn's first Yule outside of Rivendell
Disclaimer: I do not own LOTR and I do not make any profit from writing this work of fiction.
The snow landed in his hair, and he brushed it away irritably. His thoughts drifted to the Last Homely House and his family.

No, not his family. Well, Gilraen was his Mother, but the rest…
There was never a chance to feel lonely there. He smiled as he remembered the years of waking up before the sun had risen, and waking up the twins. His smile broadened as he remembered the pillow fights that would follow.
As he got older, he grew out of this habit. But Lothwen would always wake him up by pouncing on him. Then he would tickle her without mercy until Niphredil rescued her.

But this morning had been different. He had awoken, lying wrapped in his cloak in a cave, far from Rivendell.

But this was what he had to do, no matter how much his heart yearned for the warmth of his bed and the love of his family.
Maybe… Maybe one day in the not so distant future he would again spend Yule with his family. One day
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