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Checkmate by OrchydConstyne Rated: NC-17 [Reviews - 3]
Summary: Thranduil and Celeborn have carried on the same long-distance chess game for the past decade, a wager hanging over both of their heads that the winner can't wait to claim.
Categories: Book Verse Slash Characters: Celeborn, Thranduil
Genres: Drama, Erotica
Warnings: Slash (same sex pairing), Graphic Sex, Kink
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 7214 Read Count: 2411
Published: Oct 14 2004 Updated: Oct 14 2004 [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: Checkmate Reviewer: Morelen Signed
as one who is of the lifestyle... I loved it dearly, you show a knowledge of the art as well as captured the pace and conclusion very well indeed, keep up the good work
Date: Feb 07 2005