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i'm in love with lotr and the cast so i thought i'd be a member i didn't see fotr till 2002 and my sister rented it i had not a thing better to watch so i popped it in and got hooked on the movie and the hot elf(orlando of couse) the hobbits as well. Those of you who have never seen LotR i encourage you to watch it. Also watch movies with the cast of LotR in them one of my personal favorites is Ned Kelly. A very good movie well i don't have much more to say anyone out there looking for someone to talk to i'm here and would love to hear from you. I think i'll leave you with a quote i often dwell upon wich is 'Such a life is this' thanks for letting me talk I know i don't write any stories but I'd still like to hear from people so just E-mail me if you want thanks again
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